The preparatory work for the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, which will take place in Ashgabat in September 2017, aroused the keen interest for sports in the Turkmen society.
Undoubtedly, the Asian Games that will be organized and held at the high level will contribute to strengthening the authority of Turkmenistan in the world. The Asian Games is a grandiose sports event, which we are preparing for nowadays. Sooner or later, any holiday finishes, and the sports life of the country continues. The legacy of the Asian Games should become a core of this life, around which the new strategy for the development of the national sports will be built up. This concerns the acquired knowledge, skills and experience in the field of sports management, training of coaches and referees of international qualification, sports doctors and psychologists, and of course, athletes themselves, as well as sports and training complexes that will host the Asian Games.
The Olympic Village, which is currently under construction in the Turkmen capital, is not just a complex of buildings designed for sports competitions but also a part of the sports image of Turkmenistan that adds new dynamic features to the expressive look of Ashgabat embodying energy, the will to win and healthful mind.
Given the long-term prospects of the Olympic complex, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov required that the aesthetic look of all buildings and their architectural language as well as functionality and technical content continue to be relevant for a long period of time.
The Olympic Village gives the impression of fluidity and mobility due to the design and composition. The buildings of the unique complex that have no analogues in Central Asia today, are grouped along the axis running through the Olympic Stadium, which arena will host the colourful ceremonies of opening and closing the Games. The monorail road will provide athletes and coaches, journalists and guests as well as staff of attendants with the quick access to all sports facilities.
Construction of the Olympic Village is carried out in three stages. Four training halls of the complex of sports games designed for 15,000 seats, a cycle track with stands for 6,000 seats, a martial arts sports complex designed for 5,000 spectators and three training rooms, a rehabilitation center, outdoor sports grounds for playing tennis, handball, basketball and volleyball designed for 1,000 spectators were built within the framework of the first stage, the construction of which was completed in April 2014.
A restaurant designed for 1,000 guests, “Sport” Hotel designed for 800 guests with a press-center, multi-level car parking, “Sport” business center connected to the Olympic Village through the bridge-gallery that hosts a restaurant and bar designed for 370 guests.
“Olympia” hotel designed for distinguished 450 guests, track and field complex designed for 5,000 spectators, indoor water complex designed for 5,000 spectators and outdoor swimming pool for all kinds of water sports competitions designed for 1,200 spectators, tennis courts were built within the second stage of construction works completed in December, 2015.
Technological equipment that provides information and communications support and process management system during the Games produced by the ATOS Spanish company, the official IT-partner of the International Olympic Committee was installed within the second stage of construction works.
The third stage of construction is fulfilled up to 75 percent of the plan.
The works on the preparation and training of personnel to manage over the Olympic venues, attraction of foreign coaches to improve the skills of Turkmen athletes as well as on organization of effective advertising campaign both within the country and abroad, English language training for specialists and volunteers are carried out currently.
Regarding the organization of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games, our specialists have active negotiations with representatives of foreign companies that have accumulated rich experience in this area.
2017 Asian Games in Ashgabat will be the largest tournament that will bring together delegations from 45 National Olympic Committees in Asia as well as 17 National Olympic Committees in Oceania according to the of Memorandum between Organizing Committee of V Asian Indoor Games and Martial Arts, Olympic Council of Asia and National Olympic Committees of Oceania signed in the Turkmen capital with the participation of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. Over 5,000 athletes from 62 countries will perform in V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in 21 sports events. Thousands of people who will visit Turkmenistan, including journalists and sports fans will discover new Turkmenistan - the country of progress, sports and health.
One of the main tasks in this regard is to maximally use the capacities of the 2017-Ashgabat project for sustainable development and prosperity of the Turkmen capital and our country. The Asian Games in Ashgabat will also create thousands new jobs and will contribute to increasing domestic and international trade, business and tourist activity. Ashgabat games will not only glorify Turkmenistan and re-open the country to international television and Internet space, but also will offer impetus to the development of tourism, Turkmenistan's integration into the international sports movement.
Moreover, we want to widely show the beauty and diversity of our country, its hospitality and openness to the world, the readiness for cooperation and interaction in all areas that is reflected in the motto of the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games – “Health. Inspiration. Friendship”.

03.03.2016. State News Agency of Turkmenistan, www.turkmenistan.gov.tm

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