Advantages of Online Poker

Playing online poker has many advantages over live poker. If you want to play more hands per hour, you can play against other players from around the world. Nevertheless, if you’re new to the game, you might be wondering what the advantages of online poker are. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the advantages of online poker. After all, playing poker on the internet is a much more comfortable experience than going to a live casino.

First of all, the legality of online poker has come a long way. In the past four years, New York has passed various legislation that would have legalized online poker. These bills have been introduced in the state each year since 2014. In 2017, a Senate bill passed by a 54-8 margin, but it failed to get past a House committee. Today, there are four states that have made online poker legal. However, the state of New York is unlikely to pass legislation allowing real money games.

Currently, five states offer legal online poker. Pennsylvania and Delaware became the first states to legalize online poker in the U.S., with Michigan and BetMGM soon to follow. The only US online poker site that shares players from these three states is WSOP/888 US. It is the most popular among the US online poker sites and is the largest in terms of traffic. Further, it is growing quickly as a popular option for players.

There is no federal regulation of poker in the United States. Although four states have legalized online poker, there is no federally mandated licensing system. While the federal government has succeeded in forcing the largest global online poker site operators out of the US market, many offshore operators are still accepting US players. If you’re interested in playing online poker in the US, contact the appropriate authorities. And make sure you read the fine print. For instance, Nevada will no longer accept license applications from companies like PokerStars.

While there are no proven evidences of cheating in online poker, many people claim that the games are rigged. However, this is highly unlikely, since poker sites have financial incentives to maintain the integrity of the games. In fact, PokerStars earned $877 million in revenue from poker in 2017, an increase of 4% over the previous year. These numbers prove that the poker sites are the real sharks and big winners in the online poker world.